As a Man Think in His Heart so is He

Everything you do or what is done to you, shouldn’t have to chance you it only makes you stronger and stronger and even much more when a part of you is taken away. So better stand up and put your hands up cuss there is enough to e strong in this world so better wake up.


The remorse runs me… then i exerted has been a lot of loved one of a number of thing. From all the poems written on non-reciprocal love, can tell the suffering of the one that is the subject of this affection….then Ivan a stage:one is not on the love that the bottom found the bounding…but swear the wise use of the lies necessary.

The fruit of the root

Don’t worry, be happy

An apple tree does not beat mangoes or oranges. if you want an apple tree to bear mangoes then you have a problem. You can’t try to change the out come of such life reality on trees.

The same goes on who you are. If you want a bad habit of getting extremely angry in some cases, you can try to change the fruits of your anger, but better way is to change the root.

Five steps to get a better image

  • Start ready books about self improvement
  • Speak out loud about who you want to be. For instance: “I am great, I am smart, I got this!”
  • Fill your life with positive people around you.
  • Start hanging out with people who love you.
  • Don’t watch too much television

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